With global growth in many sectors including businesses worldwide, this has good consequences for supplying facilities such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, residences and public transport. Activities that require traveling from one place to another have an impact on the rapidly growing hospitality industry. These facts influenced the expansion of the furniture industry as well.

In addition, the rapid sales of furniture to markets around the world including to importers, wholesalers and furniture retailers who have become regular customers of LUDI JATI FURNITURE and also undertake several series of hotel projects both locally and internationally, which is why we conclude that in every new hotel built definitely need good furniture. That’s why there is a LUDI JATI FURNITURE Hotel and Resort project to supply that market.

We are proud to present our serious commitment by providing the best furniture for hotel and resort projects with our two warehouses which always provide furniture in various materials, products, and designs both indoor and outdoor with a banner with the name LUDI JATI FURNITURE Group, we are sure it will give You wider range for better choices.